Friday, December 28, 2012

SALE Starts Tonight at 9pm Mt Standard!

Hey Everyone!!


Hope your Holidays are going great! Happy New Year!!


To Celebrate another year of survival through Christmas I am having a sale in my shop starting today 12/28/2012 9pm Mt Time and running through 1/4/2013 at 11:59pm Mt Time!


All Polishes will be at least 13% off, and some will be heading to the Boneyard (retirement) and will priced as low as $5 a bottle for full size bottles! I will be also listing the following WoW Polishes






More Dots!




Death Knight



I will also have some of the following new polishes


Boy o Boy

Peppered Up

Mellowed Mint



Mirror Mirror


I will also be making several bottles of a Catching Fire. I haven't made this polish in a few months, but I will have several bottles available during this sale!


Thanks everyone!



Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Are you all ready? The winners of my Giveaway are...

1. lolipopsbumblebees
2. halothegothprincess
3. kcdserenity

(I have left off most of the email address so you don't get spammed by bots!)

I will be emailing the winners right now!

Congrats and thank you to all that participated

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone :)

Also I forgot to mention a while back I sold 44 bottle of Mani- for- a -Cure polishes. I decided to do 2 dollars for every bottle (more than I had originally announced), and I added some in the donation personally, so we ended up donating $150 to the the Montel Williams MS Foundation. Thank you all for participation and look for another donation polish soon :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Boneyard & Sale


  Hey all! Hope you are getting through this week! We are getting closer and closer to Christmas every day! I think we are pretty much done with our shopping, but there is so much more to do!
  Any way you are here to read about…NAIL POLISH!

  So, I have been thinking a lot lately about retiring some of my polishes. Like, really retiring them. I have tried in the past, but got cold feet and made them even though I thought I would retire them. I need to retire them so I can make room for all the new colors I have planned for the next few months.

    So I have come up with a plan to have all my “retired” polishes listed with pictures on my website on a page called The Boneyard. 

To keep some of them alive I will resurrect a few of them each month in small 5-10 bottle batches. Also, I will accept requests to make a one off bottle of polishes in the Boneyard at $9.50 a bottle. If there is an overwhelming request for the polish, I will bring it back for a full run in my shop!  

I am working on taking pictures and organizing the Boneyard now and will have it up VERY soon!  

All polishes that are on their way to the Boneyard will be marked clearly and will have a reduced price! ($5.50 for Full Size and $3.00 for minis!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Long 2012 Giveaway!

Hello Polish Fans!
Can you believe it's already December 5th!? Wow where did all this time go? It seems like it was just summer! Well I will ponder the mysteries of time some other day! Right now I have something so much more important to announce!
A giveaway!!!! I know that this is like the 300th giveaway you all have seen in the last few weeks, but I still want to do something for the holidays/new year! Here are the details!
3 lucky winners will be chosen and will receive 2 full size polishes chosen from my collection and 1 full size one-of-a-kind polish that I will make to each winners preference , free shipping  and a 50% off coupon for my new store! Yippie! This contest is open to everyone with shipping addresses in the following countries (if you live in a country not listed below please contact me to see if I can ship before entering)
New Zealand
UK/Great Britain
**Portugal**   <<Just added
**Argentina** << Just added
**Netherlands**<<Just Added
**Malaysia**<<Just added!
So how do I enter to win, you ask? Simple!
Go to my website at the bottom of the page you will see a place to subscribe to my mailing list . Enter your email address and hit enter. After you hit enter you will be sent an email to verify that you want to be on our Mailing List. Please make sure you verify this in your email, or you won't be added to the giveaway list.
I NEVER send spam and you can unsubscribe at any time! By signing up you will get the occasional email from me regarding sales, new lines of polish and coupon codes!
This is  a great way to get the latest news about Daring Digits in your inbox! No more mysteries about restocks or new lines of polish!
Below is a quick picture of how to sign up!
The Giveaway Runs from 12/5/2012 – 12/15/2012 (Midnight Pacific Time). Winners will be picked by a random name selector that contains all the names on the mailing list. If you have already signed up to the mailing list you are automatically entered for the giveaway!
Good Luck and Happy Polishing!
In case you missed it are the prizes
3 winners will recieve
  • 2 Polishes of your choice from my shop selection
  • 1 one-of-a-kind polish made to each winners' wishes
  • Free Shipping
  • a 50% off coupon to use in my store (50% off applies to entire purchase excluding shipping)
 #giveaway #nailpolish #daringdigits #frankenpolish #nails

Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Checkout from my shop without a Paypal account.

After you add the items you wish to purchase into your cart, select checkout and you will be brought to the Paypal Processing Page. Underneath the log in form there is a link that says "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" Click there.

The link will drop down the above form to be completed. Don't worry, this is a Paypal secure page, and my shop never has access to your Credit Card info! Complete the form and click review and continue.

Review your information and make sure it's correct. Please make sure the shipping address is correct here, as this is where I get your shipping information from.  If all looks ok just press Pay Now and I will get your order!

It's a pretty easy process and it's nice not to have to have Paypal to check out. If you have questions please contact me.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Etsy Closing/Confessions of a Nerd

Hello Polish Lovers.

Hope everyone is doing well. This is a dual post, so let's break it down.

  • So it's time. With the last restock I have realized that there is just no possible way I can keep up with two stores. Things are going unlisted as I miss them or forget to update one site or another. So my store will be closing on this Friday. I will keep the store (as a place marker) around for nostalgia and a way to feed traffic back to my site. Since posting a redirect to another store is against the etsy rules I will post a redirect to my Facebook page and will be updating my Facebook Banner to reflect my site. On that note, my site will be down for a few hours this weekend as I update with a new look that I think will be easier to navigate and enjoy. I am going to try and do it late late at night, but you if you see a "down for maintenance" place holder please come back to the sight again in a few hours.

  •  I have been debating for a while now about making my next set of polishes. I have had this idea rolling around in my mind since I    started making nail polish. I even have sketched out plans for this collection twice before, but I shelved it to work on first my fall collection and then my holiday  polishes. Now that my holiday/winter polishes are in full production I have finally decided to cave to my inner nerd! I am actually going to do this debut the right way, since it means so much to me. I will have the polishes pre reviewed and announced by a few blogger friends BEFORE they are available in my shop. And I will be posting swtached on my own nails as I work on the colors!   Okay Okay....I have decided to make a complete line of World of Warcraft polishes. I have always and will always make nail polishes close to my heart...and I can tell you WoW is something that I love so much. I have an incredible amount of memories in the game, and I still play it to this day (I have a Lvl 80 Night Elf Hunter Lvl 85 Human Paladin, and I am working on getting them to 90 while leveling a Pandaren Priest)  Whoa! I just went off into nerd land for a moment. Sorry about that. Anyway! Back to nail polish! I have 13 planned right now, but will be working on more soon.  I am not going to list yet their descriptions as I am still working on the this is a teaser of a teaser post!  I will have pictures/descriptions up very soon!

Well that is the DD news for now.

Thank you all so much for your support of my business!

Polish On!



Monday, November 26, 2012

Reopening, Restocking, Sale and New Collection

Hi All!

It's been a busy weekend!That is for sure!

I will be reopening tonight with a restock and a new collection of polishes! Stores will open at 9pm. I plan on splitting the stock between both stores so each will have the same amount and types of polishes available. I am continuing to keep my etsy store open as some of my clients prefer etsy and the direct checkout option. ( is paypal only)

All polishes will be marked 15% off, and pay shipping on only the first item! All additional items ship for free!!

Here are the polishes that will be available in my restock/reopening tonight. I have also included a picture in this post of the Dragon Collection.

Blackberry Square
Blood Diamonds
Blueberry Square
Diamond Disco
Fallen Leaves
Fire Dragon
Fly Away
Girl's Night Out
Golden Dragon
Ice Age
Labor of Love 
Love Dragon
Mango Square
Master Shake
Mix my Matte up
Sea Dragon
Silver Dragon
Sky Dragon
Snow Flurries
Snowed In 
Strawberry & Strings
Sugar Water Purple
Super Hero Polishes
Techno Square
The Nile
True Love
Why So Serious

Store Links

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stores on hold for craft show!

Hi all stores will be on hold until after 11-19. I am doing a craft show and dont want to over sell :-) I will be back soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Polishes will be available today 11/1 at about 8pm

Hi all!


As I mentioned yesterday my new Holiday Line of polishes will be available today!! I have decided to let everyone know that I will launch  at about 8pm Mt Time in both my stores. and I am keeping my etsy store around as a few people are still unaware of my other store. Remember, you save a good amount of money when buying directly from


I have made a good supply of these polishes, so anything ordered tonight will ship out on Monday. I have decided to do sets and indiviuals of these polishes. Each individual bottle will be normal price, but I will also have two sets of 5 polishes each, and a complete pack of all 10 holiday polishes. Each set will be discounted so you get a better deal when buy in sets! Both full size and mini bottles will be listed available!


Happy Holidays Set:

Santa Baby

Jingle Bells

Silent Night

New Year



Winter Wishes Set:

Snowed In

Hot Cocoa



Frosted Lights


Complete Winter and Holiday 2012 Collection

Snowed In

Hot Cocoa



Frosted Lights

Santa Baby

Jingle Bells

Silent Night

New Year




I will be monitoring both sites (while catching up on giving etsy feedback) tonight. So just email me if you have any trouble or questions!


Thanks everyone!



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween & Announcement for my Winter and Holiday Polishes!

Hi DD Fans!


Hope you all are having a FANNNtabulous Halloween!


I wanted to do a quick announcement here (I already announced on FB and IG) my new polish line up for Winter and the Holidays.


Here is a description in detail of each new color. All the colors will be available on November 1st. They will be available on Etsy and in my store. Don't forget you can SAVE money when you buy directly from my store at


Santa Baby- A mix of Medium white of Squares and tiny white hexes paired along with red hexes and green squares. The mix is topped off with a nice splattering of black squares. This polish makes me want to put on my christmas sweater and grab a cup of egg nog!



Jingle Bells- is a Really awesome topper polish! It has very fine gold flakies and medium gold and silver hexes. The bottle is finished with a nice spray of hologrphic silver glitter. This color looks great over black or dark blue.


Silent Night  A great very light gray/black polish that is meant for layering or coating an undercolor. This polish has superfine holographic sparkles along with small silver and hologrphic hexes. The dreamy base is topped off with little silver holographic stars and moons! This polish is amazing over any color, or layered ontop of itself!


New Year Is a polish for the bar glitter lover. It features a nice sparkly  base with both long and short silver and golden bars. I made it to remind me of champange and confetti as the clock strikes midnight!


Snowed In- I am in love with Milky white bases! This polish has a very light bluish white base with tons of different blue and white glitters of different sizes and shapes. Looks great over white, or layered with itself


Hot Cocoa This sheer brown base polish is packaed with large and small white hexes! The perfect marshmallow compliment to your hot cocoa!


Evergreen Is a nice sheer gilttery green base with fine and medium green glitter hexes and medium brown hexes. This polish looks great over green or brown base colors, or layered with itself!


Brrrr This awesome polish has a clear base and is packed with fine light blue and icey blue hexes, and also features a splatter of larger blue and white hexes. Great over any color specially dark blue and gray 


Frosted Lights I know that this one is a little odd, but what I was going for was those trees that are decorated with lights and ornaments out in the middle of the forest and that get covered with snow. (LOL) This polish is another milky white polish that is pretty opaque with 2 coats. I made it this way to layer and get depth on the nail. The white base features a rainbow of tiny hexes. This color also looks great over white!


Gingerbread  Houses or men, whatever one suits you, this polish has a ton of brown black red white and green glitters all mixed together! They look perfect over a tan or green base coat, or any color that suits your fancy!


Well that's it! I have a few other ideas I have been kicking around, but these are the polishes that will be available on 11/1/2012.


If you have any questions just let me know!!




<3 Ash








Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Suspension Base Issues?

Hi All you polish lovers!


I received a note from a client today letting me know that she was having some dry time problems with polishes she recently purchased from my shop. She let me know that even after an hour the polish wouldn’t dry.


Well that just isn’t right now is it?


I just wanted to make a blanket announcement here and let everyone know that if they are having any trouble with the base drying completely please let me know. I haven’t had anyone say anything about the base in the past, but there could have been a problem with the last batch of base from my supplier. I will be happy to work out a replacement deal for anyone having trouble with their base.


Please contact me via email if you have this, or any other, problems with your purchase!


Customer service is important to me, and I want everyone to be 100% happy with their purchase J


Thanks all!



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Store Giveaway and the Holidays



It's hard to believe it's almost November. Where did October go?!


Well I launched my new store yesterday! I have the new Dous and colors available there at


There is a somewhat limited supply listed currently, but I will be adding more and more this week.


Also, wanted to remind everyone about my giveaway. Only a few days are left to enter :) check out my facebook for the deets!


 I am working on my Winter and Holiday Collection. I know that Halloween isn't even here yet, but with the lag time in shipping and international delays I thought I would get them out so there wouldn't be a mad rush. I will have 10 new polishes (2 sets of 5 and individuals available too) 5 will be Holiday themed, and 5 will be Winter themed. I will be mixing them up and will have previews here and on Facebook/Instagram in the coming week. These polishes will officially launch on 11/1/2012. They will be available until Febuary 2013. (Then the Spring Collection will be launched)


As many of you know the shipping times etc will be crazy around the Holidays. If you would like your polishes for a Christmas/Holiday Gift please order them by 12/9/2012 (for US orders) and by 11/24/2012 for International. I really hope that a month will be enough time for international orders to arrive.


The last of the Fall 2012 collection is now listed in my shop ( ). Once this batch is gone they will be retired. (I never say never so they might be back for a surprise appearance, but nothing 100% for sure) If you want to get your hands on the collection check out my shop :)  The entire set and individual bottles are avilable, just select the size you want in the listing!


I think that's it for now :-) hope everyone has an excellent week!


~Ashley Smashley Smooder Dooder Dundee



Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 I am soooo happy about having 3000k+ facebook likes, and 1000+ Instagram followers! Plus my new shop opens Monday!!
Check out my facebook page for the simple rules for entry! Click on the Giveaway to enter!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daring Duos and New Shop Announcement & Mani For a Cure Update!

Good Morning Polish Fans,
I am going to break this long post into 3 sections!
           Daring Duos
Just wanted to preview my two new Daring Duo sets! These sets will be discounted when purchased together, but will be available separately. All the Daring Duos will be limited/seasonal polishes (that is why they have a white cap instead of black) These first sets will be available for the next 45 days only, these particular colors will not be individually numbered as they are limited only by time not by number . They will launch with the opening of my new store  on 10/22/2012 These two set will be available: Lilac Carnival & Blueberry Butter. Each Daring Duos set will feature a base color that will be opaque in 2 coats and a gorgeous glitter topcoat in a paired color. I will post swatched sample nails soon. The sets will be $13.00 plus shipping together, or $7.00 plus shipping each
                             New Store!
As many of you have seen on Facebook, I have decided to move my shop (very slowly) to my own website. Over the past few months I have been working really hard to get costs down so that I can make this more of a job and less of a hobby. I have been able to get a great deal with my bottle and cap manufacturer and moved to a local vinyl shop that helped me cut back my label cost. I have also found a local shipping supply company that has helped me get a handle on my shipping costs. The last and one of the largest expense for Daring Digits is the shop fees. Etsy is a great, wonderful, awesome shop partner and community, but as many other Indie Polish makers have found, the shop fees add up extremely quickly. These fees are a driving factor of how much a polish maker can sell a polish for and still be able to run a business. Because of this move, and savings in fees etc, I will be able to offer an even better price on my polishes.  Large bottles will be dropped to $6.75(for normal non seasonal/limited colors) a bottle. Mini bottle and set prices will also be reduced to fall in line with this new pricing.
I will, for now, be keeping my etsy shop around. More for those loyal etsy goers and those still discovering my shop.  Eventually I plan on closing the shop, but not until I feel it’s the right time. However, prices will remain higher in the etsy shop to cover the additional fees for the shop to continue to run.
The largest difference between the etsy shop and my shop will be that I will only be able to accept PayPal. If you have any questions about using PayPal please let me know.
The other difference will be the changes in shipping prices. Since I have better control over shipping, I will be able to offer much better deals on shipping both large and small amounts of polishes. If you would like to place an order for over 20 polishes please let me know. I have a special deal for “bulk” buyers.
My shop links will also be available directly through Facebook!
The new shop will officially open with new colors and the new lower prices on 10/22/2012.
             Mani For a Cure
Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to thank everyone for purchasing Courage and/or Hope during the Mani for a Cure event. Portions from each sale will be gathered and added together in the next few weeks and a check will be sent to the Montel Williams MS Foundation. When I have the final numbers together I will announce it. I am working on a few other Mani For A Cure polishes and will be announcing those soon!
Thank you all again for making an awesome thing happen!
Well that’s all the news for now. I will continue to updated here and on Facebook regarding updates. Oh wait I forgot! I will be launching 2 NEW  Limited Edition colors in honor of the new shop opening. I will have those previewed before the end of the week.
<3 Ash

Monday, October 8, 2012

Restocking 10/10/2012 8Pm mt

Hi All!

Here is the list of polishes that will be restocked on 10/10


Before Color

Cherry Square

Confetti Square

Copper Line

Denim n’ Daisies

Diamond Ore


Fallen Leaves

Girl’s Night Out




Iron Man


Mana Potion

Master Shake

Mix My Matte Up

Nether Portal

Pink Lemonade

Punch Me Purple


Redstone Ore


Silver Dragon

Snow Flurries



Sugar Water Purple

Techno Square

Tin Man

Trick or Treat

True Love

T-Shirt and Jeans

Why so Serious?

Zombie Pig Man

Thanks all!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/30 Shop Opening

Hi All!

*EDIT* forgot to mention that all bottles are still only $5! They will be $7.75 again after this batch is gone! 
Here is the list of the polishes I am 100% sure are going to be available on Sunday when I open up. I may add more and do a few “surprise” appearances, but I am not sure yet!

They are in Alphabetical order below. The number next to them is just their number in order, not how many there will be lol. (That is obvious but didn’t want to confuse)

There are 4 colors that I am remaking that have been gone for a very long time.
Mana Potion (now a blue glitter polish with rainbow flakies. Wear over black for an awesome effect.)
Health Potion (red jelly/creamy base with lots of chunky and fine silver and red glitter) 
Heavy Metal (dark silver base with silver bars and fine glitter.)
Jupiter (orange & red duo chrome polish with tiny red flakie glitter, like silver dragon but red)

I am making more of 4 other colors I haven’t had for a while

Mango Square 
Techno Square
Why so Serious?

All in all I will have at least a few bottles of each of these polishes. There are 68 so far that are on the for sure list (wow I have a lot of polishes) on the 9/30 opening I will not be offering sets. Those will be listed again on 10/7 along with the mini bottles. 

Girls Night Out
HealthPotion*Returning and Revised*
HeavyMetal*Returning and Revised*
ICE(Flakie) *Returning*
Jupiter *Returning and Revised*
ManaPotion *Returning and Revised*
MangoSquare *Returning*
Redston Ore
TechnoSquare *Returning*
WhySoSerious *Returning*

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Restocking Announcement

Hello Everyone!

I will be restocking the polishes listed below on Friday 9/14/2012 at 8pm Mountain Time (7pm Pacific 9pm Central 10pm Eastern) Only large bottles will be available, but they are still on sale for $5.00. All current orders are being bottled, packed and will be shipped by Monday 9.17.12. You will receive an email as your orders are sent out.

Before Color
Blueberry Square
Cherry Square
Complete Fall Collection
Confetti Square
Denim and Daises
Diamond Block
Fallen Leaves
First Love
Flying Purple People Eater
Girl's Night Out
Love Hurts
Master Shake
Minecraft Mob Set
Mix My Matte Up
Pink Lemonade
Punch Me Purple
Salt Water Taffy
Silver Dragon
Strawberry and Strings
Sugar Water Purple
Tin Man
Trick or Treat
True Love
T-Shirt and Jeans

I hope everyone can get the bottles they want while I am having this sale! I will also be debuting a the following new polishes as well!

·        Blackberry Square Black Squares with white and black mini hex glitters
·        Fly Away  This is a purplish pink base polish with pink and purple hexes and pink butterfly holo glitters
·        Glowstone Minecraft Tribute polishes gold & yellow glitters (many different sizes and shapes)
·        Nether Portal Minecraft tribute Black small hexes purple squares and hexes & fuchsia mini hexes.
·        Soot very simple black mini hex glitter topper (the opposite of Snow Flurries)
·        Zombie Pig Man Minecraft polish. Green &white hexes and pink hexes with a smattering of gold (for their swords of course)