Monday, November 26, 2012

Reopening, Restocking, Sale and New Collection

Hi All!

It's been a busy weekend!That is for sure!

I will be reopening tonight with a restock and a new collection of polishes! Stores will open at 9pm. I plan on splitting the stock between both stores so each will have the same amount and types of polishes available. I am continuing to keep my etsy store open as some of my clients prefer etsy and the direct checkout option. ( is paypal only)

All polishes will be marked 15% off, and pay shipping on only the first item! All additional items ship for free!!

Here are the polishes that will be available in my restock/reopening tonight. I have also included a picture in this post of the Dragon Collection.

Blackberry Square
Blood Diamonds
Blueberry Square
Diamond Disco
Fallen Leaves
Fire Dragon
Fly Away
Girl's Night Out
Golden Dragon
Ice Age
Labor of Love 
Love Dragon
Mango Square
Master Shake
Mix my Matte up
Sea Dragon
Silver Dragon
Sky Dragon
Snow Flurries
Snowed In 
Strawberry & Strings
Sugar Water Purple
Super Hero Polishes
Techno Square
The Nile
True Love
Why So Serious

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