Friday, May 3, 2013

State of Daring Digits: A Letter to my clients

Hello All,

I wrote out this long rambling blog post explaining my shipping delays and orders mix ups....but you know I thought I wouldn't waste time with a long explanation and just get down to the nitty gritty.

First of all:

Thank you! For supporting Daring Digits!


I know that I have been shipping slowly. Here is the reason. I still work full time, and do all my orders at night once I get home. DD isn't in the position where it can support me, so I won''t be leaving my job anytime soon. So here is my typical weekday:

 I leave for work at about 7a each day and get home around 6p. I pre-make all my bottles on the weekends (Usually 8-10 hours on Saturday). During the week I print, prepare and pack up all the orders for the next  day from about 7:30pm (after getting home and eating dinner) to around 12am. Sometimes I have time to drop orders off at the post office on my lunch break, but I have meetings a lot at lunch also. So I usually drop the orders off on my way home from work.

The long and the short of my "Sob Story" is that Sunday is usually the only day of the week that I don't work at Daring Digits and work my day job. 

Don't get me wrong. This is an amazing problem to have! I thank my lucky stars to be this busy. I am just telling you all this because I want to bring the subject into light. Believe me, I am not twiddling my thumbs and keeping your orders for the fun of it.

I have thought long and hard about what I can do to make this situation better.  As I mentioned above DD just isn't able to support me right now. I have even thought about closing Daring Digits, but I can't. I just can't. This is my dream. My baby. I can't even think about stopping. My life would be empty. I would miss you all so much. Even with all the challenges I have been through, I would be lost without DD

So until I can work out some sort of deal with a supplier, or online store, here is the plan.  

As of 5/5/2013 I will be discontinuing most of my polishes. I am going to have a reboot. I will be launching some new colors and styles, but the biggest change to DD will be my restocking inventory and schedule. 

  1. DD will be Restocked only every 2 weeks (see  below)  
  2. At each restock I will have about half the number I usually do (Between 10-15 bottles of each color)
  3. I will be lowering the number of different types of polish that will be available. ( I am aiming for 10 different colors. This does not include Donation Polishes. I currently carry more than 25 different colors)  
Daring Digits 2013 Restock Schedule.
May 10th 2013
May 24th 2013
June 7th 2013
June 21st 2013
July 5th 2013
July 19th 2013
August 2nd 2013
August 16th 2013
August 30th 2013
September 13th 2013
September 27th 2013
October 11th 2013
October 25th 2013
November 8th 2013
November 22nd 2013
December 6th 2013
December 20th 2013

My hope is that this change will help me get more organized, make more time for me to make new colors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to get orders out MUCH QUICKER! Also now you never have to guess when the next restock is :)

Any ideas or comments you all have would be awesome. You know I appreciate you all so much!

<3 Ash