Friday, December 28, 2012

SALE Starts Tonight at 9pm Mt Standard!

Hey Everyone!!


Hope your Holidays are going great! Happy New Year!!


To Celebrate another year of survival through Christmas I am having a sale in my shop starting today 12/28/2012 9pm Mt Time and running through 1/4/2013 at 11:59pm Mt Time!


All Polishes will be at least 13% off, and some will be heading to the Boneyard (retirement) and will priced as low as $5 a bottle for full size bottles! I will be also listing the following WoW Polishes






More Dots!




Death Knight



I will also have some of the following new polishes


Boy o Boy

Peppered Up

Mellowed Mint



Mirror Mirror


I will also be making several bottles of a Catching Fire. I haven't made this polish in a few months, but I will have several bottles available during this sale!


Thanks everyone!



Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Are you all ready? The winners of my Giveaway are...

1. lolipopsbumblebees
2. halothegothprincess
3. kcdserenity

(I have left off most of the email address so you don't get spammed by bots!)

I will be emailing the winners right now!

Congrats and thank you to all that participated

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone :)

Also I forgot to mention a while back I sold 44 bottle of Mani- for- a -Cure polishes. I decided to do 2 dollars for every bottle (more than I had originally announced), and I added some in the donation personally, so we ended up donating $150 to the the Montel Williams MS Foundation. Thank you all for participation and look for another donation polish soon :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Boneyard & Sale


  Hey all! Hope you are getting through this week! We are getting closer and closer to Christmas every day! I think we are pretty much done with our shopping, but there is so much more to do!
  Any way you are here to read about…NAIL POLISH!

  So, I have been thinking a lot lately about retiring some of my polishes. Like, really retiring them. I have tried in the past, but got cold feet and made them even though I thought I would retire them. I need to retire them so I can make room for all the new colors I have planned for the next few months.

    So I have come up with a plan to have all my “retired” polishes listed with pictures on my website on a page called The Boneyard. 

To keep some of them alive I will resurrect a few of them each month in small 5-10 bottle batches. Also, I will accept requests to make a one off bottle of polishes in the Boneyard at $9.50 a bottle. If there is an overwhelming request for the polish, I will bring it back for a full run in my shop!  

I am working on taking pictures and organizing the Boneyard now and will have it up VERY soon!  

All polishes that are on their way to the Boneyard will be marked clearly and will have a reduced price! ($5.50 for Full Size and $3.00 for minis!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Long 2012 Giveaway!

Hello Polish Fans!
Can you believe it's already December 5th!? Wow where did all this time go? It seems like it was just summer! Well I will ponder the mysteries of time some other day! Right now I have something so much more important to announce!
A giveaway!!!! I know that this is like the 300th giveaway you all have seen in the last few weeks, but I still want to do something for the holidays/new year! Here are the details!
3 lucky winners will be chosen and will receive 2 full size polishes chosen from my collection and 1 full size one-of-a-kind polish that I will make to each winners preference , free shipping  and a 50% off coupon for my new store! Yippie! This contest is open to everyone with shipping addresses in the following countries (if you live in a country not listed below please contact me to see if I can ship before entering)
New Zealand
UK/Great Britain
**Portugal**   <<Just added
**Argentina** << Just added
**Netherlands**<<Just Added
**Malaysia**<<Just added!
So how do I enter to win, you ask? Simple!
Go to my website at the bottom of the page you will see a place to subscribe to my mailing list . Enter your email address and hit enter. After you hit enter you will be sent an email to verify that you want to be on our Mailing List. Please make sure you verify this in your email, or you won't be added to the giveaway list.
I NEVER send spam and you can unsubscribe at any time! By signing up you will get the occasional email from me regarding sales, new lines of polish and coupon codes!
This is  a great way to get the latest news about Daring Digits in your inbox! No more mysteries about restocks or new lines of polish!
Below is a quick picture of how to sign up!
The Giveaway Runs from 12/5/2012 – 12/15/2012 (Midnight Pacific Time). Winners will be picked by a random name selector that contains all the names on the mailing list. If you have already signed up to the mailing list you are automatically entered for the giveaway!
Good Luck and Happy Polishing!
In case you missed it are the prizes
3 winners will recieve
  • 2 Polishes of your choice from my shop selection
  • 1 one-of-a-kind polish made to each winners' wishes
  • Free Shipping
  • a 50% off coupon to use in my store (50% off applies to entire purchase excluding shipping)
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Checkout from my shop without a Paypal account.

After you add the items you wish to purchase into your cart, select checkout and you will be brought to the Paypal Processing Page. Underneath the log in form there is a link that says "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" Click there.

The link will drop down the above form to be completed. Don't worry, this is a Paypal secure page, and my shop never has access to your Credit Card info! Complete the form and click review and continue.

Review your information and make sure it's correct. Please make sure the shipping address is correct here, as this is where I get your shipping information from.  If all looks ok just press Pay Now and I will get your order!

It's a pretty easy process and it's nice not to have to have Paypal to check out. If you have questions please contact me.