Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Etsy Closing/Confessions of a Nerd

Hello Polish Lovers.

Hope everyone is doing well. This is a dual post, so let's break it down.

  • So it's time. With the last restock I have realized that there is just no possible way I can keep up with two stores. Things are going unlisted as I miss them or forget to update one site or another. So my store will be closing on this Friday. I will keep the store (as a place marker) around for nostalgia and a way to feed traffic back to my site. Since posting a redirect to another store is against the etsy rules I will post a redirect to my Facebook page and will be updating my Facebook Banner to reflect my site. On that note, my site will be down for a few hours this weekend as I update with a new look that I think will be easier to navigate and enjoy. I am going to try and do it late late at night, but you if you see a "down for maintenance" place holder please come back to the sight again in a few hours.

  •  I have been debating for a while now about making my next set of polishes. I have had this idea rolling around in my mind since I    started making nail polish. I even have sketched out plans for this collection twice before, but I shelved it to work on first my fall collection and then my holiday  polishes. Now that my holiday/winter polishes are in full production I have finally decided to cave to my inner nerd! I am actually going to do this debut the right way, since it means so much to me. I will have the polishes pre reviewed and announced by a few blogger friends BEFORE they are available in my shop. And I will be posting swtached on my own nails as I work on the colors!   Okay Okay....I have decided to make a complete line of World of Warcraft polishes. I have always and will always make nail polishes close to my heart...and I can tell you WoW is something that I love so much. I have an incredible amount of memories in the game, and I still play it to this day (I have a Lvl 80 Night Elf Hunter Lvl 85 Human Paladin, and I am working on getting them to 90 while leveling a Pandaren Priest)  Whoa! I just went off into nerd land for a moment. Sorry about that. Anyway! Back to nail polish! I have 13 planned right now, but will be working on more soon.  I am not going to list yet their descriptions as I am still working on the this is a teaser of a teaser post!  I will have pictures/descriptions up very soon!

Well that is the DD news for now.

Thank you all so much for your support of my business!

Polish On!



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