Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween & Announcement for my Winter and Holiday Polishes!

Hi DD Fans!


Hope you all are having a FANNNtabulous Halloween!


I wanted to do a quick announcement here (I already announced on FB and IG) my new polish line up for Winter and the Holidays.


Here is a description in detail of each new color. All the colors will be available on November 1st. They will be available on Etsy and in my store. Don't forget you can SAVE money when you buy directly from my store at


Santa Baby- A mix of Medium white of Squares and tiny white hexes paired along with red hexes and green squares. The mix is topped off with a nice splattering of black squares. This polish makes me want to put on my christmas sweater and grab a cup of egg nog!



Jingle Bells- is a Really awesome topper polish! It has very fine gold flakies and medium gold and silver hexes. The bottle is finished with a nice spray of hologrphic silver glitter. This color looks great over black or dark blue.


Silent Night  A great very light gray/black polish that is meant for layering or coating an undercolor. This polish has superfine holographic sparkles along with small silver and hologrphic hexes. The dreamy base is topped off with little silver holographic stars and moons! This polish is amazing over any color, or layered ontop of itself!


New Year Is a polish for the bar glitter lover. It features a nice sparkly  base with both long and short silver and golden bars. I made it to remind me of champange and confetti as the clock strikes midnight!


Snowed In- I am in love with Milky white bases! This polish has a very light bluish white base with tons of different blue and white glitters of different sizes and shapes. Looks great over white, or layered with itself


Hot Cocoa This sheer brown base polish is packaed with large and small white hexes! The perfect marshmallow compliment to your hot cocoa!


Evergreen Is a nice sheer gilttery green base with fine and medium green glitter hexes and medium brown hexes. This polish looks great over green or brown base colors, or layered with itself!


Brrrr This awesome polish has a clear base and is packed with fine light blue and icey blue hexes, and also features a splatter of larger blue and white hexes. Great over any color specially dark blue and gray 


Frosted Lights I know that this one is a little odd, but what I was going for was those trees that are decorated with lights and ornaments out in the middle of the forest and that get covered with snow. (LOL) This polish is another milky white polish that is pretty opaque with 2 coats. I made it this way to layer and get depth on the nail. The white base features a rainbow of tiny hexes. This color also looks great over white!


Gingerbread  Houses or men, whatever one suits you, this polish has a ton of brown black red white and green glitters all mixed together! They look perfect over a tan or green base coat, or any color that suits your fancy!


Well that's it! I have a few other ideas I have been kicking around, but these are the polishes that will be available on 11/1/2012.


If you have any questions just let me know!!




<3 Ash








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