Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daring Duos and New Shop Announcement & Mani For a Cure Update!

Good Morning Polish Fans,
I am going to break this long post into 3 sections!
           Daring Duos
Just wanted to preview my two new Daring Duo sets! These sets will be discounted when purchased together, but will be available separately. All the Daring Duos will be limited/seasonal polishes (that is why they have a white cap instead of black) These first sets will be available for the next 45 days only, these particular colors will not be individually numbered as they are limited only by time not by number . They will launch with the opening of my new store www.ddpolish.com  on 10/22/2012 These two set will be available: Lilac Carnival & Blueberry Butter. Each Daring Duos set will feature a base color that will be opaque in 2 coats and a gorgeous glitter topcoat in a paired color. I will post swatched sample nails soon. The sets will be $13.00 plus shipping together, or $7.00 plus shipping each
                             New Store! www.ddpolish.com
As many of you have seen on Facebook, I have decided to move my shop (very slowly) to my own website. Over the past few months I have been working really hard to get costs down so that I can make this more of a job and less of a hobby. I have been able to get a great deal with my bottle and cap manufacturer and moved to a local vinyl shop that helped me cut back my label cost. I have also found a local shipping supply company that has helped me get a handle on my shipping costs. The last and one of the largest expense for Daring Digits is the etsy.com shop fees. Etsy is a great, wonderful, awesome shop partner and community, but as many other Indie Polish makers have found, the shop fees add up extremely quickly. These fees are a driving factor of how much a polish maker can sell a polish for and still be able to run a business. Because of this move, and savings in fees etc, I will be able to offer an even better price on my polishes.  Large bottles will be dropped to $6.75(for normal non seasonal/limited colors) a bottle. Mini bottle and set prices will also be reduced to fall in line with this new pricing.
I will, for now, be keeping my etsy shop around. More for those loyal etsy goers and those still discovering my shop.  Eventually I plan on closing the shop, but not until I feel it’s the right time. However, prices will remain higher in the etsy shop to cover the additional fees for the shop to continue to run.
The largest difference between the etsy shop and my shop will be that I will only be able to accept PayPal. If you have any questions about using PayPal please let me know.
The other difference will be the changes in shipping prices. Since I have better control over shipping, I will be able to offer much better deals on shipping both large and small amounts of polishes. If you would like to place an order for over 20 polishes please let me know. I have a special deal for “bulk” buyers.
My shop links will also be available directly through Facebook!
The new shop will officially open with new colors and the new lower prices on 10/22/2012.
             Mani For a Cure
Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to thank everyone for purchasing Courage and/or Hope during the Mani for a Cure event. Portions from each sale will be gathered and added together in the next few weeks and a check will be sent to the Montel Williams MS Foundation. When I have the final numbers together I will announce it. I am working on a few other Mani For A Cure polishes and will be announcing those soon!
Thank you all again for making an awesome thing happen!
Well that’s all the news for now. I will continue to updated here and on Facebook regarding updates. Oh wait I forgot! I will be launching 2 NEW  Limited Edition colors in honor of the new shop opening. I will have those previewed before the end of the week.
<3 Ash

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