Thursday, February 7, 2013

International Shipping Currently Unavailable

Morning Everyone!


As many of you may know the Post office took an increase on postage at the beginning of February. Normally I would take the increase and increase my prices on shipping. But holy moly this increase is just unbelievable!

After doing testing the last few days I have confirmed that all international shipping (even to Canada!) has increased dramatically. Here is a quick chart of the differences. I have underlined the common one I use for Canada and other countries. Although this shows the 1 pound price, my minimum weight on a polish is about 8oz, that is running in most countries at least several dollars more. Basically you would have to pay the polish price plus $13.00 (or even more) to get a polish over seas.

So this has prompted me to again look into other services such as UPS FedEX etc. If any of you international ladies have a suggestion please let me know. I will be redoing my international shipping prices this weekend, but until then the international option will be disabled.

Thanks everyone!


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  1. Any additional dollar to purchases would truly scrape the pockets of every customer. And though shipping through the country wasn't affected, this still amounts to major readjustments on how you will run your business from here on. I just wish that the unavailability of your international shipping was temporary and that you got the run around in this situation quickly. Good luck, Ash!
    Luise Pagett