Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well...I just don't think that's acceptable....

Wowo! What a crazy week!


If any of you didn’t know/hear about what is going on with Lynnderella  (basically the queen of frankenpolish)  here is a GREAT link to a blog that sums it up from a person that has been deep in it all this time crumpet.


So anyway, I was going to stay as far away from the bad feelings that Lynnderella is giving off as possible. In fact, I didn’t think I was going to even comment on it until I saw this at the bottom of Lynnderella’s  new line announcement on her blog



I am sorry for my crudeness but WTF is this? WTF WTF WTF


OK let me back up a step here…


Franken polish (or if you read her blog post lynnderella doesn’t want us to call her polishes that) is a handmade product. And with all handmade products there are going to be issues here and there. Bleeding glitters….curling, changing etc. This is a normal occurrence…because sometimes the glitter changes after months and months of sitting in nail  polish….HOWEVER I still think that this isn’t acceptable. If the glitter curls/flecks/separates/ looks like crap that isn’t right. It should be replaced.


I am sorry, but that is just bad customer service. I think our clients should be happy...happy clients are referring clients…are fun clients…are return clients.

If we don’t do everything we can to make them happy, why are we in business at all. I guess this goes along with my post from last week…..


Anyway…WTF….it just seems to say that it’s ok to make a sub-par product because A) you are a self-employed artist and B) you are queen of the Polish World.


I am sorry, but that isn’t right.


Contact me if you have any questions about my polishes EVER. I will work with you 100% until you are happy with your purchase.


My promise to you is that you will never see an excuse for sub-par products in my shop EVER. I will always work with you, my client, to deliver an exceptional product at a reasonable price.





  1. I applaud you for giving your perspective on this! Its nice to know that the few sellers who I buy from/will be buying from will still have integrity after all this hoopla!

  2. Hi Kelly! Absolutely! I just think the whole mess is sad :-( but those who charge forward with better attitudes and respect will earn their clients loyally.Nothing feels better than a job well done :-)

  3. I'm glad to read this; and I've heard about - and experienced second hand - your wonderful customer service. Hats off to you for working so hard to please your customers :)