Thursday, June 14, 2012

Important Announcement Regarding Polish Replacements Because of settling/separation etc.

Hello World,


This is my NEW blog. I have had several in the past, but I wanted to consolidate them!


I want to make an important announcement that may be effecting some of my customers.


Back in March there was a disruption in the available nail polish bases from my main supplier and they were no longer available to supply me with the base I had been using. I tried several different supplies, and found a few of them satisfactory at the time. I have since been able to make contacts with several suppliers. I am happy to say that this suspension base shortage will never hurt my shop again for two reasons.


1)    I have 2 suppliers. One I use on a weekly basis and another backup supplier in case of a shortage/problem with the first.

2)    I now have the ability to make my own suspension base.


In the last few weeks a few of my customers have contacted me with pictures of some of the polishes that have separated/settled since they have been purchased. I want to make it clear that I DO NOT THINK THIS IS ACCEPTABLE, and I have been replacing these polishes with my new suspension base.


I can’t guarantee for life that my nail polish won’t settle/separate, but I also don’t think it’s acceptable for them to settle out completely in just a few months. Of course there will be slight settling over time,(we can’t fight gravity forever) but if you believe that your polishes are settling at an excessive rate please just send me a picture via email or etsy convo and I will be happy to replace them for you with my new suspension base. There was only a small 2-3 week period when this polish base was used, anything purchased as of mid-April should not be settling.   


ALSO- our community is full of trades and swaps. If you happened to get one of my polishes in a trade or swap that is now settling, just email me the pictures of them and your address and I will get replacements out right away.


When I say 100% satisfaction…I meant it!


The bottom line is this. I expect, like store bought polishes, for mine to last about 2 years if sealed correctly and stored at room temperature. If you don’t feel like your polish is up to par, just contact me. I promise we can work something out. Customer service is so important to me. I want everyone to be happy with my polishes!


If you are interested in the differences, check out this post by Crystal. She has comparison photos of my polishes, and also talks about how I replaced all of them.



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